One Page Travel Checklist
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One Page Travel Checklist

Is there a one page travel checklist of all the things I could possibly need for my trip? Why yes, I’ve come up with one for you!

My friends always call me to tell them what they need to pack for their weekend getaway, travel abroad, or adventure vacation – asking me to verbally list out one item at a time. As a result, I’ve decided to come up with a one page travel checklist that all of you can access and print every time you travel somewhere. Aside from those with newborns and kids who have additional packing needs, or those going on a very specific trip such as camping/surfing, I would say that this is a pretty extensive list of everything you could need for your travels, to anywhere.

Remember that several factors need to be taken into consideration when packing, some of which include: season (weather), formal attire (is it a cruise? are you meeting parents? will you be going to any religious services?), health (will you be exposed to certain bugs/animals? do you need any special medications/shots?) and type (adventure, relaxation, weekend getaway, occasion).

Things to do before you start checking off that list: 

1. Call your cell phone company to find out about roaming charges, etc. Make the decision that is best for you when it comes to traveling with your phone, or you may even considering using a calling card.
2. Call your credit card company to tell them you will be traveling so your debit/credit cards don’t get blocked overseas due to suspicious behavior.
3. Check with your doctor about any vaccinations you may need to the country you’re traveling.
4. Bring copies of your passport/documents/itinerary and leave one copy at home.
5. Get travel and health insurance.
6. Obtain at least some cash of the foreign country you will be traveling to. This will not be wasted, because you can always find something to use that money on once you get there.
7. Check the baggage restrictions on your flights so you know how to properly pack. Plan ahead by leaving some room for souvenirs.

Also, this link has some tremendously useful tips for packing.

Click below for a printable one page travel checklist! 

Let me know if there is anything you’d like for me to add in. You know I love it when you throw in your 2 cents!


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